Is that screw METRIC or is it INCH?

There’s no way to tell, so you grab both hex key sets and then guess which to try first.
Then after you find the tool that fits, you wonder whether the other set has a better fit.
Guess wrong, and you risk damaging the tool or destroying an irreplaceable fastener.

The BIG difference: BOTH Metric and Standard in ONE set.
Arranged precisely in sequence BY SIZE.

Discover the Secret


The patent-pending solution is so simple you’ll slap your head wondering why no one thought of this before. The new Hybrid® toolset has all the Allen hex key sizes you could ever need, sequentially arranged by dimension. You don’t care whether it’s metric or inch, you just want the right size – every time.

And you can do it with one toolset, without wasting time guessing and double checking.

“The brilliance of this invention is unmistakable.” 

Kelly McMillan, President, McMillan Fiberglass Stocks

“I laughed out loud when I first saw this.
So simple.  So clever
Why the hell didn’t I think of this!?”

Aaron Voigt, Inventor/Owner, Trailblazer Firearms

“It’s a ridiculously simple concept whose time has come.”

Jim Bruhns, Owner, Hogue Inc.